Missy Mo Photography – Proud to be Original

Hi, I’m Lai-Ha Mo and I am an aspiring photographer offering a fun, non-traditional approach to my photography whilst putting my clients at ease. I will capture your personality through my lens, bringing an artistic edge to a day you won’t forget.

My interest in wedding photography came after I was asked to photographer one of my best friends wedding several years ago. I loved being a fly on the wall! It was amazing to be able to capture her special day through my lens. She loved what I did as she felt the pictures I took told a story of how her day unfolded.

Pretty soon I was photographing more and more of my friends weddings and I loved doing each one of them!

In 2010, I had a lucky break and became an official wedding photographer for the C4 series ‘The Wedding House’. I was lucky to photograph approx. 20 weddings across the four weeks. It was a fantastic opportunity and it allowed me to put my creative and artistic skills into use.

Wedding photography to me, it’s all about creating special memories through images where you can look back and remember your day over and over again.